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Treatments at our Skin Clinic in Harrow

Here at EsteHair, we’re proud to offer a range of innovative skin treatments that offer life-changing and long-lasting results. Whether you’re looking to restore a youthful glow, reduce wrinkles or simply improve your overall skin health, our skin clinic in Harrow has the perfect treatment for you.

HydraFacial, to the pigment-reducing Cosmelan Peel and advanced Freezpen skin lesion removal, our comprehensive skin treatments are carefully created to treat a wide range of skin issues and help you achieve the skin you’ve been longing for.

Our medical professionals can even personalise your treatment, ensuring you receive a bespoke skin treatment that directly tackles your unique skin concerns. We make sure each and every one of our valued clients leaves us feeling revitalised and confident.From the rejuvenating.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1What treatments do you offer?
Here at EsteHair, we offer a variety of Harrow skin clinic treatments, including HydraFacial, Freezpen, Microneedling, Cosmelan Peel, Global Eyecon, TMC Peel, PRP Facials, Fat Dissolving and The O-Shot.
2What are the benefits of choosing EsteHair for skin treatments?
Here at EsteHair, our experienced medical professionals are committed to bringing you the most advanced skin treatments for incredible and long-lasting results. By using the latest technology and techniques, our skin clinic in Harrow offers a personalised approach, ensuring your treatment directly treats your specific skin issues and your results surpass your expectations.
3How do I know which skin treatments are right for me?
It can be difficult to know exactly which treatment will yield the best results for you and your skin concerns. During your free consultation, we will assess your skin and determine the treatment best matched to help you achieve your skin goals.
4How much do you skin treatments cost?
This depends on your chosen treatment, and how many sessions are necessary for you to achieve your desired results. All of this and more can be discussed in your free consultation.