Ear Surgery in London | Otoplasty | Ear Plastic Surgery
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Ear Surgery

Ear surgery at Estehair Medical can reshape the ears, improve their size or correct ear deformities.

Ear Surgery

Otoplasty, or ear surgery in London, is a plastic surgery procedure at Estehair Medical that can enhance the appearance of the ears. Ear surgery can reshape the ears, improve their size or protrusion, or correct ear deformities. It can also improve the appearance of stretched or gauged earlobes.


The goal for ear surgery in London is help normalize patients’ ears and improve their appearance, confidence, and self-image.


Ear surgery enhances the appearance of the ears so that they look natural, attractive, and balanced with your facial features, face shape, and head shape.

What can ear surgery do for your appearance?

Ear surgery London can correct ear deformities or injuries such as lop ear, cupped ear, shell ear, and cauliflower ear. Surgery can help your ears look more natural so that they blend in well with your features. Ears that noticeably stick out from the head or that are large or prominent may cause feelings of self-consciousness.


After surgery, your ears will look more balanced and will no longer draw attention. Some earlobes are naturally large or develop creases or wrinkles. Others may become stretched or develop unsightly holes due to wearing heavy earrings or gauges. Otoplasty can correct these issues and restore a more natural appearance to the earlobes.

What happens during ear surgery?

During your initial consultation, our Estehair Medical team will evaluate your goals and your ears to determine the best way to improve your ear appearance. Age and timing are particularly important factors that will influence what changes are possible.


The ear cartilage is firm, but moderate correction is possible and can enhance the appearance of the ears. General or local anesthesia with a sedative may be used. The surgery takes about two to three hours to complete. Our expert surgeon may make a small incision behind the ear to sculpt the ear cartilage or remove some cartilage from the ear. Stitches are then used to reshape the ear or fold the existing cartilage

Who qualifies for ear surgery?

Ideal candidates for ear surgery London are healthy individuals whose ears have reached their full size. While adults can benefit from the surgery, the best candidates are younger children because their ears will be the easiest to reshape and they will likely experience the greatest psychological benefits from the cosmetic improvement.

Recovering from Ear Surgery

Immediately after ear surgery, a dressing will be applied to each ear to promote healing and effective molding of the tissues. Patients should avoid sleeping on their sides and may relieve any mild discomfort with pain medications. A headband may be recommended for temporarily regular wear to hold the ears in their desired position.

5 to 7 Days

The stitches will dissolve or will be removed. Adults can usually return to work after five days. Children can return to school after one week.

1 Month to 6 Weeks

Patients should feel back to normal, resume all normal activities, and be able to fully enjoy their results.


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