Dentures at Estehair Medical in London
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Dentures at Estehair Medical in London are used to replace missing teeth for individuals who have lost several teeth or have no teeth.


Dentures at Estehair Medical in London are used to replace missing teeth for individuals who have lost several teeth or have no teeth.


Tooth loss may result from periodontal disease (gum disease), tooth decay, or traumatic injury. It is very important to replace missing teeth. The ill effects of not doing so can be a shift in remaining teeth, an inability to bite and chew properly, as well as a sagging facial appearance, which makes one appear older than they are.

What happens during dentures treatment?

During your first dental visit at Estehair Medical, our lead dental surgeons will evaluate the need for dentures and examine your gums and supporting bone structure to identify the appropriate treatment plan.


In some cases, oral surgery is performed to correct bony ridges that may interfere with the stability of the denture. In other cases, the remaining teeth may need to be extracted before placement. Once our Estehair Medical dentists have decided that dentures are right for you, we will make an impression of the gums to identify every ridge and crevice to ensure the best fit possible.


In constructing the immediate dentures, dentists will use a shade and mold chart to choose replacement teeth that will most closely match your natural teeth, minimizing any changes in appearance.


Complete dentures are made when gums are restored to a healthy condition as time passes for healing. Complete dentures London replace all teeth in the upper or lower jaws of the mouth. Gums will naturally shrink through the healing process of tooth loss, which normally takes from six to 12 months.


During this period the immediate dentures may require adjustments to accommodate the changes in the gums and underlying bone structure.

Who qualifies for dentures treatment?

Dentures are a type of dental appliance used to replace missing teeth. They are held in place by remaining gum tissue and jaw bone along the dental arch, occasionally with help from denture creams and adhesives. While dentures at Estehair Medical can help both men and women regain a beautiful, confident smile — they are not suitable for all Estehair Medical dental patients.


Ideal candidates for dentures London are men or women who have experienced significant tooth loss. Good candidates are individuals that still has healthy gum tissue and jawbone. Depending on the preference of the patient, a full or partial denture may be recommended if the person is missing a larger number of teeth.


The number of teeth that you are missing will ultimately depend on which type of denture is best for you.

  • Full dentures are recommended for people who are missing all teeth
  • Partial dentures if you are missing only some of your natural teeth

Immediate dentures should be used for patients with extracted teeth who desire dentures placed the same day


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