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Eliminate shaving and waxing for good with Men’s Laser Hair Removal in Harrow

Unwanted hair – whether on the face or on the body – can be frustrating to deal with and irritating to get rid of. Luckily, our laser hair removal for men Harrow treatment is just the solution to your unwanted hair woes. With our revolutionary laser hair removal technique, our men’s laser hair removal Harrow treatment targets the hair root, damaging the follicle and inhibiting further growth.

The quick and painless procedure using our innovative Soprano technology paves the way for unparalleled and low-maintenance grooming for men. Best suited for those with darker hair, laser hair removal for men in Harrow with EsteHair is ideal for numerous areas all over the body, including the face, back and chest.

Our experienced practitioners have effortlessly helped thousands of men across the country to achieve their hair-free goals, and you can too.

Our Men’s Laser Hair Removal Technology

The Soprano Ice Platinum is the only answer to revolutionary hair removal technology. Its innovative design incorporates three laser wavelengths into a handy handpiece that can target different tissue depths and anatomical structures within the hair follicle all at once!

With the perfect fusion of three absorption and penetration levels, unparalleled treatment coverage, and the safe, comfortable and low-maintenance diode laser, the Soprano Ice Platinum is the most effective hair removal treatment on the market today.

  • 3 combined wavelengths covering the optimal treatment spectrum
  • Virtually painless
  • Proven to be safe and effective
  • Suitable for all skin types


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Frequently Asked Questions

1How many men’s laser hair removal Harrow treatments will I need?
Everyone is different – so the number of treatments you’ll need will depend on a variety of factors including hair colour and thickness, skin type, treatment area, and desired outcomes. We usually recommend multiple sessions, and our technicians will create a personalised treatment plan detailing the number of sessions needed for you to get your optimal results.
2Does the procedure hurt?
Our laser hair removal for men is virtually painless – many compare the sensation to a rubber band snapping against the skin. Our Soprano laser treatment is exceptionally comfortable, with most patients experiencing minimal discomfort during and after the treatment.
3What makes the Soprano Ice Platinum different?
What makes the Soprano Ice Platinum different is its unique ability to target multiple hair follicles at once, thanks to its advanced contact cooling system. This not only reduces the risk of any skin damage, but also ensures that the treatment is more comfortable and less painful than traditional laser hair removal techniques. The state-of-the-art technology is the perfect solution for quick and efficient laser hair removal for men.
4Are there any side effects to laser hair removal?
Immediately following the procedure, you may experience some redness or swelling which should subside within a few hours. Additionally, the treated area may feel warm to the touch for several days following treatment. To make sure your treatment is successful, it is important to avoid waxing, shaving, or any exfoliating products to help minimise any side effects.