Breast Implants

At Este Hair Medical, Breast Implants enhance breast size and shape, offering personalised procedures with natural-looking results to boost confidence and achieve desired aesthetics.

Breast Implants at Este Hair Medical

At Este Hair Medical, we offer expert breast implant services to enhance your body’s natural contours and boost your confidence. Our experienced surgeons use the latest techniques to provide safe and effective results.

We offer a range of implant options, including saline and silicone, to suit your aesthetic goals and body type. Our personalised consultations ensure that you receive the best advice and treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Trust our skilled team to deliver exceptional care and beautiful, natural-looking results. Contact Este Hair Medical today to schedule your consultation and take the first step towards achieving the look you desire with our breast implant services.


  • We begin with a detailed consultation to discuss your goals, expectations, and suitability for breast implant surgery.
  • Developing a customized treatment plan tailored to your desired size, shape, and type of implants to achieve natural-looking results.
  • Performing the breast implant surgery with precision and care, ensuring minimal scarring and optimal results.
  • Providing comprehensive aftercare instructions to promote healing, reduce discomfort, and prevent complications.
  • Monitoring your recovery progress with regular check-ups and offering guidance on maintaining the appearance and health of your breast implants.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1What are breast implants?
Breast implants are medical devices placed under the breast tissue or chest muscles to enhance the size, shape, and symmetry of the breasts. They are typically filled with saline or silicone gel.
2How do I choose the right type of breast implant?
The right type of breast implant depends on your body type, aesthetic goals, and medical advice. During a consultation, your surgeon will discuss options like saline vs. silicone, implant shape, size, and placement to help you make an informed decision.
3What is the procedure for getting breast implants?
The procedure involves making an incision, creating a pocket in the chest area, and placing the implant. The incision can be made under the breast, around the nipple, or in the armpit. The surgery is usually performed under general anaesthesia and takes about 1-2 hours.
4What is the recovery time after getting breast implants?
Recovery time varies, but most patients can return to work within a week and resume full activities within 4-6 weeks. Swelling and soreness are common during the initial recovery period, and following post-operative care instructions is crucial for optimal healing.
5Are breast implants safe and what are the potential risks?
Breast implants are generally safe, but like any surgical procedure, they carry potential risks such as infection, implant rupture, capsular contracture, and changes in nipple or breast sensation. Discussing these risks with your surgeon can help you understand and manage them.